The Education Department is dedicated to increasing each cadet's skills necessary to attain satisfactory scores on all areas of the GED Tests and to improve their educational knowledge and ability to meet or exceed their next challenge after graduation. Although the opportunity to earn a GED is available at our program, we are not specifically a GED program. Youth Challenge Academy addresses the total person, to include discipline and physical fitness. Therefore, young people who only wish to work toward a GED are encouraged to remain in their hometowns and go to an adult education center.
Our staff includes Georgia certified instructors. Each instructor is responsible for one class of approximately 50 cadets per cycle. Classes run from 8:30 to 11:45 A.M., and again from 1:15 to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. The primary goal is to increase cadet's grade level with the opportunity to earn a GED. The secondary goal is to assist cadets with skills that will make them more productive and successful citizens. Currently, a cadet's grade level increase during the five-month stay is approximately three grade levels, giving Georgia the highest rating of all Youth ChalleNGe Programs. We have a 76% pass rate for all the cadets who take the GED while at our program.
If your cadet has an IEP, we must have those documents, to include the Psychological Educational Evaluation, the day they report to the Academy, if not before. Accommodation will not be considered for your cadet if these documents are not submitted and they must be current within three years. Also note, accommodation is not guaranteed; the IEP is forwarded to the appropriate agency outside of Youth Challenge for a decision.
In order to participate in GED testing, your cadet must possess a current Georgia Identification Card or Driver?s License, or some other state or federally issued I.D. card. The cadet?s GED testing will be delayed until one is attained.
You are encouraged to attain a copy of the most current GED Manual; this will give your cadet an advantage prior to attending Challenge. School supplies are provided but at a limited quantity. We suggest you purchase the standard items such as: one 2-inch notebook, one pack of 100 sheets paper, two #2 pencils, two black pens, 4 pocket-type folders and one five-subject notepad.

A Transcript Release Request form needs to be completed. This form will supply the information necessary to do the research for the transcript and also authorize release of the information to the institution of your choice. The completed form will be accepted by mail or fax.

The YCA Education Department does not maintain official transcripts. If you need an official copy of your transcript, you can contact the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) at the below address:

State of Georgia Transcript and Diploma Office of Adult Education
1800 Century Place Suite 300-B
Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: 404-679-1600

We have been in existence for over 20 years, changing lives and providing another opportunity to succeed. We welcome each cadet and are dedicated to their educational success.


Education - Fort Stewart

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